What Does Puddin Mean?

What does Puddin mean Harley Quinn?

In the film, the evil mistress dons a choker that says “Puddin.” This is significant because it indicates that, much like the text on the back of her bomber jacket, she is “Property of the Joker.” The sense of ownership that the Joker has over Quinn is emphasized by her choker’s resemblance to a dog collar..

Who is Puddin in Suicide Squad?

Harley QuinnHarley Quinn went on to appear in other media, most recently in DC’s Suicide Squad and the upcoming Birds of Prey, played by Margot Robbie in both. The Suicide Squad version kept many of her personality traits as well as her devotion to the Joker, whom she kept called “puddin’”.

Did the Joker Die in Suicide Squad?

More Suicide Squad In a Twitter post, the Bright director explained that Joker survives the crash and goes on to strike a deal with Echantress (Cara Delevingne), which would allow him to take Harley back to Gotham where they’d rule the city.

Who is Batman in Suicide Squad?

Bruce WayneCast (in credits order) verified as completeWill Smith…DeadshotBen Affleck…Bruce Wayne / Batman (uncredited)Emeka Agada…Civilian #1 (uncredited)Tim Ajro…U.S. Marshall (uncredited)Devlin Anderson…Bystander (uncredited)124 more rows

What does pudding mean in England?

“Pudding” can refer generically to the sweet, final course of a meal, what Americans know as “dessert.” (Because it’s the UK, this has class implications. … A British pudding is a dish, savory or sweet, that’s cooked by being boiled or steamed in something: a dish, a piece of cloth, or even animal intestine.

Why does Harley call the Joker Puddin?

And why does Harley Quinn call the Joker “Puddin’?” The answer is easy: much like how they say in the Southern parts of America “Bless your Heart,” when Harley calls Joker “puddin’,” it’s her way of saying, “Easy, darling, easy.”

Is Puddin a word?

Eye dialect spelling of pudding.

What’s Harley Quinn’s nickname?

The Cupid of CrimeThe Maiden of MischiefHarley Quinn/Notable aliases

What is Joker’s real name?

Jack NapierJoker’s most widely recognized real name was introduced in Tim Burton’s Batman, with the character being a gangster named Jack Napier. This name is said to be a combination of Joker performer Jack Nicholson and Alan Napier, who played Alfred on the 1960s series.

What do Joker and Harley call each other?

He’s called her “Harl”, “Harley-girl”, “Pumpkin Pie”, and “Pooh”.