Question: Why Is BTS So Addictive?

Why do we love BTS so much?

But the biggest reason i love BTS is because they made the ARMY.

“I love BTS because they have the ability to put a smile on my face when I see them being themselves, I love them because they make me have uncontrollable feelings, good ones, I love them because they are who they are, I will always love them.”.

How do I stop liking kpop?

Delete every picture of your bias and group from your phone So every Kpop fan has some pictures of their bias or idols on their phone maybe as a lock/home screen. … Remove Kpop things from your Instagram Feed If you have Instagram you should do this one.More items…

How do I get rid of my addiction to BTS?

Ah, yes…, the BTS addiction….If you really don’t want to be a fan anymore, I recommend following the steps below:Remove any BTS songs from your playlist.Delete all photos of members and anything relating to BTS.Delete your fan account (if you have one) and suspend the account you made on Twitter primarily for them.More items…

Why do kpop fans say bias?

Most simply, having a bias means having a favorite member within a group. … Fans may sometimes even develop an ultimate bias, who is their favorite not only among a single group but among all K-pop idol groups.

How many hours does Jungkook sleep?

7 hoursHe sleeps 7 hours consistently. And occasionally 9 if he is sleeping in. On intense days he’ll sleep 5-6. He knows he needs rest to dance and recover.

What did BTS teach you?

BTS taught us that everything is possible when we believe and work hard for it. Many people did not believe that BTS could make it but BTS used this as a motivation to fly high. We might feel lost in life, but do not worry because it is part of the journey. The most important life lesson of all is to love yourself.

Why is BTS banned from ISAC?

ISAC is a show that encourages idols to compete against each other in various sports and activities. Some people say that it’s unfair in many ways and dangerous too because the stars get injuries. … AND the result was they weren’t attending ISAC anymore. You can say BTS banned themselves from the event.

What BTS do in their free time?

BTS Reveals What Each Member Is Doing In His Spare Time Right Now“When I have free time, I lounge on the couch watching TV,” Jimin said. … J-Hope said, “When I have some free time, I listen to music, eat, sleep, etc. … “These days I spend time exercising, reading books, and watching video content,” RM replied.More items…•

Where is BTS going on vacation?

Saudi Arabia11 with a scheduled show in Saudi Arabia. Now, the label that manages BTS, Big Hit Entertainment, has confirmed the vacation. “This period will be an opportunity for the members of BTS … to recharge and prepare to present themselves anew as musicians and creators,” the letter reads.

Is BTS kid friendly?

BTS is not ‘just for kids’ but is for everyone – no matter your age. … With best-selling songs that promote self-love and even an anti-violence campaign with UNICEF, it’s pretty safe to say this boy band is appropriate for most children.

Does BTS love Army?

BTS’s love for ARMY is truly incredible, as their relationship is a lot deeper than just artists and fans. One time, the BTS members were asked to express their love for ARMYs, and they all gave heartwarming answers.

Why is Kpop so addicting?

KPOP has become a truly global phenomenon because of its distinctive blend of addictive melodies, slick choreography and production values, and an endless parade of attractive South Korean performers who spend years in grueling studio systems learning to sing and dance in synchronized perfection.

How do I stop BTS stanning?

The answer to stop stanning BTS is to find something else to do. Keep yourself busy that you don’t listen to them or keep updated with them. Or if you’re not willing to do what it takes, continue liking them until their charm no longer has an effect on you.

What does Suga do in his free time?

But sometimes, we don’t know what they do in their spare time, that’s why we tell you that Suga usually does in his spare time. Some of them go on a trip, others visit their old houses to spend time with their family, they also exercise or do activities that have not been done for a long time.