What Does So Long My Friend Mean?

What does the phrase so long mean?

so long.

Good-bye, as in So long, we’ll see you next week.

The allusion here is puzzling; long presumably means “a long time” and perhaps the sense is “until we meet again after a long time,” but the usage has no such implication.

[ Colloquial; first half of 1800s].

How do you say for a while?

Awhile is an adverb that means “for a while,” whereas “while” is a noun meaning “a period of time.” Generally, you should use the two word form, “a while,” when following a preposition (I will read for a while), or with the words ago or back (a while ago/back).

Is so long as grammatically correct?

As long as or so long as also means ‘provided that’, ‘providing that’ or ‘on condition that’: You are allowed to go as long as you let us know when you arrive. So long as is a little more informal: You can borrow the car so long as you don’t drive too fast.

What is the meaning of until next time?

“Until next time” is similar to “see you next time” or “Until we meet again’ It is a farewell and implies that you want to see the person again. “Until next time” is similar to “see you next time” or “Until we meet again’ It is a farewell and implies that you want to see the person again.

What’s the difference between so long and goodbye?

It is considered archaic, overly formal and a bit pretentious. However, its meaning is exactly the same as goodbye. ‘So long’ is also not used very much. However, unlike ‘Farewell’ it isn’t archaic, just not used often.

Does goodbye come from God be with you?

“Goodbye” comes from the term “Godbwye” a contraction of the phrase “God be with ye”. Depending on the source, the contraction seems to have first popped up somewhere between 1565 and 1575. … That’s $85,716 for the phrase “Hasta la vista, baby”.

Why does so long mean goodbye?

So long, an expression of farewell, is a colloquialism that we take for granted as being a logical construction. … Some believe the phrase to be adapted from another language. One suggestion is that so long is from the Irish good-bye slán, which is not an unreasonable theory, but does have a few gaps.

What gives idiom meaning?

What gives is defined as something you ask when you aren’t sure why someone is doing something or acting a certain way. An example of when to say “what gives” is when your friend promised you the extra concert ticket but then decided at the last minute to give it to a different friend for no reason. idiom.

What does so long partner mean?

So long partner is a slang for saying goodbye my friend.

What is another word for so long?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for so-long, like: good-day, adieu, adios, arrivederci, auf wiedersehen, au-revoir, bye-bye, cheerio, good-by, goodby and good-bye.

How do you say long time?

Synonymslong. adjective. lasting for a large amount of time.long-term. adjective. continuing to exist, be relevant, or have an effect for a long time in the future.lasting. adjective. … extended. adjective. … prolonged. adjective. … enduring. adjective. … never-ending. adjective. … for some time. phrase.More items…

Where did the term so long come from?

So long derived from Irish Gaelic “So Long – farewell, Northern expression imported into britain by soldiers serving in Malayan-speaking countries. Malayan salutation, Salang, a corruption of Arabic Salaam=peace.” However there are other opinions as to origin of the phrase…

How do you use so long?

You can say so long as an informal way of saying goodbye. Well, so long, pal, see you around.

What is a word for a long period of time?

What is another word for long period of time?long runlong hauldistant futurelong durationlong periodlong termremote futurewhole

Does a comma need as long as?

Most of the time, you don’t need a comma before as well as. Using a comma turns the thing you’re talking about with as well as into an aside–information that’s less important than the rest of the sentence. That’s where the judgment call comes in. … Notice that you need one comma before the phrase and one comma after it.