Quick Answer: What Is Full Form Of PP?

What is the full form of PP in medical?

List of medical abbreviations: PAbbreviationMeaningPOXperoxidasePPpulse pressure postpartum, that is, postnatal postprandialPPCSprolonged post-concussion syndromePPDpacks per day (cigarettes) postpartum depression, that is, postnatal depression purified protein derivative or Mantoux test, for tuberculosis testing196 more rows.

What does AF mean on Instagram?

! Instagram has recently introduced a paid partnership tag, allowing influencers to highlight more clearly if a post is an advertisement. This is an excellent step-forward in transparency as it is much more obvious to the consumer than a hashtag. Another common hashtag is #af, meaning affiliated.

Whats CC mean sexually?

CC: Carbon Copy.

Is PP plastic safe?

Polypropylene is a plastic. Of the commercial plastics on the market today, polypropylene is considered one of the safest. It’s FDA-approved for food contact, so you’ll find polypropylene in food containers like those that hold yogurt, cream cheese, and butter products.

What is PP in human body?

Pancreatic polypeptide (PP) is a peptide hormone found in the islets of Langerhans and between the acinar cells that inhibits pancreatic secretion of fluid, bicarbonate, and enzymes.It also stimulates the gastric juice secretion, but inhibits the gastric secretion induced by pentagastrine.

What is the meaning of PP?

2 written before the name of another person when you are signing a letter instead of themFrom Longman Business Dictionary. pp. 1written abbreviation for PAGEs2per pro; written before someone’s name when you are signing a letter instead of them. Exercises.

How do you use PP?

The traditional way to use pp when signing a letter on someone else’s behalf is to place pp before one’s own name rather than before the name of the other person. This is because the original Latin phrase per procurationem means ‘through the agency of’.

What is PP in social media?

Profile picture. Refers to the primary photo displayed in a person’s profile on a social media website, such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

How do you write PP?

PP is an abbreviation of the Latin word Per Procurationem meaning by the agency of, or on behalf of. When you are asked to pp a letter it means that you should sign the letter on behalf of the person who wrote it. Just write pp and then your own signature in place of where theirs would be written.

What is PP in nursing?

PP nurses take care of women (and often their babies) in the postpartum period, until they go home from the hospital.

What is the name of PP?

abbreviation. (also pp.) Pages. Per procurationem (used when signing a letter on someone else’s behalf).

Where do you put PP?

There are a number of methods that can be used when writing “p.p.” It can be placed in front of your signature or above the sender’s printed name. In addition, you can also sign the form and print the name of the sender above your signature. In this instance, you would place the “p.p.” before your signature.

What is PP unit?

A percentage point or percent point is the unit for the arithmetic difference of two percentages. … In the literature, the percentage point unit is usually either written out, or abbreviated as pp or p.p. to avoid ambiguity. After the first occurrence, some writers abbreviate by using just “point” or “points”.

What is a PP in a girl?

Precocious puberty (PP) is defined as the development of secondary sexual characteristics in girls younger than 8 years of age and boys younger than 9 years of age. It is estimated that the incidence of PP is 10- to 20-fold higher in girls than in boys.

What is PP in texting?

Personal Problem. As in, “sounds like a PP to me.” Online jargon, also known as text message shorthand, used primarily in texting, online chat, instant messaging, email, blogs, and newsgroup postings, these types of abbreviations are also referred to as chat acronyms.

Why is PP short for pages?

The APA style of referencing, which I have most frequently used, requires that p. is used for single page references or citations (Book Title, p. … So p stands for page, pp stands for pages. I have not encountered pg to be used, but I do use it in informal note taking.