What Does Captivated By You Mean?

What does repulsed mean?

to drive back; repel: to repulse an assailant.

to repel with denial, discourtesy, or the like; refuse or reject..

What does sicken mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to make sick. 2 : to cause revulsion in their prejudice sickens me.

What is another word for Captivate?

Some common synonyms of captivate are allure, attract, charm, enchant, and fascinate.

What does it mean to be captivated by someone?

Meaning of captivate in English to hold the attention of someone by being extremely interesting, exciting, pleasant, or attractive: With her beauty and charm, she captivated film audiences everywhere. Synonyms. beguile literary. bewitch.

What does you captivate me mean?

To captivate means to attract others, fascinating or enchanting them. Some people are able to captivate with wit and charm, others with physical beauty, still others with intelligence.

What part of speech is the word captivated?

captivatepart of speech:transitive verbinflections:captivates, captivating, captivated4 more rows

What does opposed mean?

(tr) to fight against, counter, or resist strongly. (tr) to be hostile or antagonistic to; be against. (tr) to place or set in opposition; contrast or counterbalance. (tr) to place opposite or facing. (intr) to be or act in opposition.

What does enthralled mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to hold spellbound : charm. 2 : to hold in or reduce to slavery.

What is another word for have?

bearcherish.entertain.exhibit.harbor.have.hold.hold up.maintain.More items…

What does melancholy mean?

adjective. affected with, characterized by, or showing melancholy; mournful; depressed: a melancholy mood. causing melancholy or sadness; saddening: a melancholy occasion. soberly thoughtful; pensive.

What does lucid mean?

adjective. easily understood; completely intelligible or comprehensible: a lucid explanation. characterized by clear perception or understanding; rational or sane: a lucid moment in his madness.

What claimed means?

verb (used with object) to assert and demand the recognition of (a right, title, possession, etc.); assert one’s right to: to claim payment for services. to assert or maintain as a fact: She claimed that he was telling the truth. to require as due or fitting: to claim respect.

How do you use captivated in a sentence?

Captivated sentence examplesShe says he’s captivated by her writing. … Aren’t you captivated too? … While residing here he captivated and seduced the beautiful daughter of the prince, Philippa, sister of the empress Maria. … She captivated him as she glided across the stage. … He may have captivated his hearers by teaching “wisdom,” as P. W.More items…

What does captivated mean in English?

to attract and hold the attention or interest of, as by beauty or excellence; enchant: Her blue eyes and red hair captivated him. Obsolete. to capture; subjugate.

What does fascinated mean?

verb (used with object), fas·ci·nat·ed, fas·ci·nat·ing. to attract and hold attentively by a unique power, personal charm, unusual nature, or some other special quality; enthrall: a vivacity that fascinated the audience. to arouse the interest or curiosity of; allure.

What is the opposite of captivated?

Opposite of to attract and hold interest and attention of. repel. bore. disenchant. disgust.

What is a captivating smile?

1. very interesting or attractive in a way that takes all your attention. a captivating tale. His smile was captivating. Synonyms and related words.