Question: How Can I See My First Song On Spotify?

How do I find my #1 artist on Spotify?

To find out yours, all you have to do is visit and log in with your Spotify account.

The website gives you an option to see your Top Artists or Top Tracks.

It then unveils personal lists for your most popular artists and songs over the last four weeks, six months and of all time..

Can Google identify songs?

It’s a cool but lesser-known feature of Android: Google search can identify songs just like Songza or Soundhound. Simply tap the search field or say “OK Google” (if you’re using the Google Now Launcher), just as you would to give a Google Now voice command. If music is playing around you, a music icon will pop up.

How do you find a song you don’t know?

If you’re listening to the song, use an app like Shazam to identify it on the spot so you can find it. If you only know the basic tune or a lyric or two, use an app like Soundhound and try humming the tune to see if it can identify it. If it’s able to successfully identify it, you can look up the song and download it.

Can you see the first time you listened to a song on Spotify?

Spotify Wrapped shows you not only the songs and artists you listened too most, but also how much time you spent on the service. (I listened for more than 40,000 minutes.) It also tells you the genre of music you listened to most (mine was country), the first song you listened to in 2018 and more.

Can I see my music history on Spotify?

Don’t lose track of the songs you’ve discovered and liked with “Play Queue.” At the bottom of the Spotify desktop app, click the three lines icon. There, you can see what songs you’ve set up to play next and the last 50 songs you’ve listened to.

Can you see how many times you played a song on Spotify?

There is a way. You can create a account and activate srobble to on spotify. will then track what song you have listened to along with other cool statistics.

How do I see my Spotify plays on mobile?

Spotify doesn’t show the view count when it plays a song. In fact, Spotify doesn’t really have a profile page for songs, so there’s really no metadata available about songs. You can only figure out a song’s view count if it’s listed as one of the top popular songs on the artist’s profile page.

How can I find a song name?

Ask any of your Android phone, Google Home, or any of your Google Assistant enabled devices “what song is playing?” and Google will serve you up with the answer.

How much does 1 million Spotify streams pay?

On average, you get 3,222 USD for one million streams in the 18 most important music markets.

How much does Spotify pay the artists?

Spotify paid the artists $0,0032 per stream. Apple Music got the average rate of $0,0056. Google Play Music landed a $0,0055 payout rate.

How do you see someone’s history on Spotify?

Friend Activity shows the listening activity of any friends or public profiles (including brands and celebrities) that you follow. To show/hide Friend Activity: Click in the top-right corner and select Settings. Under Display Options, switch Show Friend Activity on (green), or off (gray).

Can I still see my Spotify wrapped 2019?

To access the Wrapped hub on mobile, make sure you’re on the latest version for iOS (8.5. 31) or Android (8.5. 32). Wrapped isn’t available on Spotify Lite, but you can still check it out at

Who is the #1 artist on Spotify?

Ed SheeranMost followersRankArtistFollowers (millions)1Ed Sheeran71.862Ariana Grande52.653Drake50.634Rihanna39.7622 more rows

Can’t find a song I heard?

7 Ways to Find That Song You Just HeardSearch Shazaam (it listens to and identifies songs).Use SoundHound (it can search by hearing you hum).Search the lyrics.Search the artist.Look up the radio station’s playlist.Search songs by genre and/or decade.Play similar songs on Youtube, Spotify, or Pandora.