Question: Who Beat Cowboy Cerrone?

Is Cowboy Cerrone retired?

UFC real or not: In 2021, Cowboy Cerrone will retire; Khamzat Chimaev will fight for title..

Has Cowboy Cerrone won a title?

Cowboy is the ultimate gamer. Cerrone fought 12 times from 2014 to 2016 and went 11-1. Six of those fights earned him a performance bonus. History will never show him as a champion, but sometimes things are a bit more important than that.

Who is the richest UFC fighter?

McGregorMcGregor is the highest-paid fighter in the UFC. However, he made most of his money in a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. Apart from that, he runs a successful Whiskey business. McGregor’s current net worth is around $120 million.

What is Donald Cerrone worth?

What is Donald Cerrone’s net worth? In nearly 15 years as a pro, Cerrone has amassed a net worth of $9 million, according to

How good is Cowboy Cerrone?

Cerrone has an MMA record of 36-14 (1). He holds the UFC records with most wins (23), finishes (16), post-fight bonus awards (18) and bouts (34). While Cerrone is a good fighter and deserves credit for the records he owns, the stats are padded a bit.

Why is Cowboy Cerrone called Cowboy?

In fact, he grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado with a “fairly normal middle-class upbringing.” That said, his youth was also when he became fascinated with the outdoors. He dreamt of owning a ranch and becoming a cowboy. This lifestyle is how he got his nickname.

What records does Cowboy Cerrone have?

He has fought 33 times in the UFC, sharing the record with fellow American Jim Miller. Of those fights, he has won 23, more than anyone in the history of the promotion. He has racked up 16 finishes and 20 knockdowns, and taken home 18 post-fight bonuses – all of which are UFC records.

How rich is Dana White?

White’s net worth stands at an estimated $500million.

What happened to Cowboy Cerrone?

Donald Cerrone was forced to apologise to fans after he retired from his fight with Tony Ferguson after suffering a sickening eye injury. ‘Cowboy’ admitted he made a mistake after trying to blow his nose between rounds – causing his eye to swell so tightly he was left unable to see.

Who has beaten Donald Cerrone?

Conor McGregorConor McGregor beat Donald Cerrone so bad that the Cowboy has been told he cannot fight again for six months, according to MMA Fighting. Cerrone suffered a broken nose and a mildly fractured orbital bone during his 40-second loss to McGregor at the UFC 246 event in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

Who won the Cowboy Cerrone?

Anthony PettisUFC 249 results, highlights: Anthony Pettis earns thrilling decision over Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone in rematch.

Is Cowboy Cerrone a real cowboy?

Denver, Colorado, U.S. Edgewood, New Mexico, U.S. Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S. Donald Anthony Cerrone (/səˈroʊni/; born March 29, 1983), known professionally by his ring name “Cowboy”, is an American mixed martial artist and former professional kickboxer.

How much did Cerrone make against McGregor?

The reported salaries for UFC 246 show were that Cerrone was paid $200,000 for the fight and stood to make an extra $200,000 if he won.

How much does Cowboy Cerrone make per fight?

Cerrone, playing the B-side in the fight, will make a base pay of $200,000. Cerrone’s last disclosed payday was at UFC 214 in July 2017 where he made $155,000 in a loss to Robbie Lawler.